Past Shows-Over 100 years of Entertainment

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1914-Miss Hook of Holland

1922- Les Cloches des Cornville

1923-The Mikado

1923-Are You a Mason(SMH)

1924-Yeoman of the Guard

1924-Nothing but the Truth(SMH)

1925-The Gondoliers

1926-The Pirates of Penzance

1926-Love Among the Paint Pots ( SMH)

1926-A Message From Mars(SMH)


1928-The Gondoliers

1929-Miss Hook of Holland


1931-The Mikado

1932-HMS Pinafore

1933-Vagabond King

1934-The Gondoliers

1935-Maid of the Mountains

1936-Belle of New York

1937- The Desert Song

1937-Fresh Fields (SMH)

1938-The Student Prince

1938-The Creaking Chair (SMH)

1938-The Ghost Train (SMH)

1939-Chu Chin Chow

1947-Quiet Weekend (SMH)

1947-Miss Hook of Holland

1948-Forced Landing(SMH)

1948-The Rebel Maid

1948-They Came to a City(SMH)

1949-See How They Run(SMH)

1949-The Geisha

1949-Arcacia Avenue (SMH)

1950-Winter Sunshine (SMH)

1950-A Country Girl

1950-Fools Rush In (SMH)


1951-The Quaker Girl

1951-Shop at Sly Corner(SMH)

1952-Happiest Days of Your Life(SMH)


1952-The Paragon(SMH)

1952-Lady Mislaid (SMH)

1953-Queen Elizabeth Slept Here (SMH)

1953-Goodnight Vienna

1954-Hay Fever(at Kingskerswell)

1954-The Desert Song

1954-Blithe Spirit (SMH)

1955-New Moon

1956-The Arcadians

1957- The Rebel Maid (choral ver.)

1957- Rose Marie

1958 Rio Rita

1960-Jack and the Beanstalk

1960-Annie get  Your Gun

1963 The Boyfriend ( as NADMCS)

1964- Oklahoma

1965-The King and I

1966-South Pacific


1968-Annie Get Your Gun


1969-The Desert Song

1969-70- Aladdin

1970-Half A Sixpence

1970-71- Mother Goose

1971-Me and My Girl

1971-72-Red Riding Hood

1972-Fiddler on the Roof

1972-73-Dick Whittington

1973-Charlie Girl

1973-74-Babes in the Wood

1974-Rose Marie

1975-Jack and the Beanstalk



1976-My Fair Lady

1976-77-Robinson Crusoe



1978-Mary Poppins

1978-79- Mary Poppins

1979-South Pacific

1979-80-Dick Whittington


1980-81-Babes in the Wood

1981-82- Jack and the Beanstalk

1982-Old Time Music Hall



1983-84-Mother Goose

1984-The Boyfriend

1984-85-Dick Whittington

1985-Half A Sixpence


1986-87-Babes in the Wood

1987-No No Nanette

1987-88-Snow White

1988-Guys and Dolls

1988-89-Jack  an the Beanstalk

1989-Hello Dolly

1989-Autumn Showtime

1990-91-Robinson Crusoe

1991- The Rhythm of Life

1991-92-Mother Goose

1992-The Boyfriend

1992-93-Puss in Boots

1993-Fiddler on the Roof

1993-Stepping Out

1994-Red Riding Hood


1995-Sleeping Beauty

1995-Calamity Jane

1996-Dick Whittington

1996-The Good Old days


1997-Babes in the Wood

1997-Half A Sixpence


1998-West End Story

1999-Mother Goose



2001-Jack and the Beanstalk

2001-The Sound of Music

2002-Sinbad the Sailor

2002-Me and My Girl

2003-Sleeping Beauty

2003-Hello Dolly

2004-Dick Whittington

2004-Calamity Jane

2005-Babes in the Wood

2005-Guys and Dolls


2006-Kiss Me Kate

 2007 Robinson Crusoe

2007- Blitz

2008- Puss in Boots

2008-Anything Goes

2009-Jack and the Beanstalk

2009-Thoroughly Modern Millie

2010-Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves

2010-42nd Street


2011-The Boy Friend

2012-Dick Whittington

2012-A Funny Thing Happened/Forum

2013-Sleeping Beauty



2014-Little Shop of Horrors

2015-Robinson Crusoe& the Pirates

2015-Calamity Jane

2016-Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood

2016-Made in Dagenham

2017-Jack and the Beanstalk

2017- 9 to 5 The Musical

2018-Sinbad the Sailor

2018-Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

2019-Dick Whittington

2019-Sister Act