Backcloths & Scenery For Hire:

Also GIANT (as used in Jack & the Beanstalk) for hire (see below)

For more information and to make bookings please call Bill Glennon on 01626 203570



C1 – Hills Cloth. Used for ‘Sound of Music’ and trail cloth in ‘Calamity Jane’ but can also be used in pantomime. There are also a set of 14ft tree flats to go with this cloth if required. Size: 28ft by 14ft.


C3 – Shop Front Cloth. With shop front used in ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Half a Sixpence’. Also for general use. Size: 28ft by 14ft.

NOTE Wording over shop window has been removed.


C4 – Tropical Island. With island in the distance. Originally made for ‘South Pacific’ but also good for pantomime. Size: 38ft by 18ft. NB: This is a large and heavy cloth.


C5 – 1900’s Railway Station. Used in many shows. Size: 40ft by 16ft


C6 – Windmill With Path. Typical pantomime backcloth with wind mill in the foreground. Size: 30ft by 14ft.


C7 Exterior of Castle. With a separate centre painted gauze door. Size: 28ft by 14ft

C8 – On Deck. Pantomime cloth. Size: 30ft by 14ft 6 inches.


C9 – Davy Jones’ Locker. Useful underwater scene for pantomime. Size: 30ft by 14ft 6 inches.


C10 – Topiary Garden. Good for palace garden or similar. Size: 30ft by 14ft 6 inches.


C11 – Gothic Hall. Gloomy interior of a gothic hall with painted stairs on each side. Size: 30ft by 14ft 6 inches.


C12 – Yew Tree and Hedge. Typical garden scene. size: 30ft by 14ft 6 inches.


C13 – Store Interior. Used in ‘Dick Whittington’ or any pantomime with shop scene. Size: 30ft by 14ft 6 inches.


C14 – Mayors Parlour. Good for any indoor hall scene. Size: 28ft by 14ft.


C15 – Woodland Cloth. Woodland scene with path leading through. Size: 30ft by 14ft 6 inches.


C16 – Continental Street. This gauze is a Parisian street scene painted in a purple hue which gives a great effect when lit. Size: 28ft by 14ft.


C17 – Sky Scrapers. This gauze is painted with a stylised version of sky scrapers at night. Normally used as an opening for ‘Guys and Dolls’ but can be used for any American street scene. Size: 28ft by 14ft.


C18 – Street Scene Gauze. With cut out for doorway – can be supplied with cloth. This gauze as the Wimpole Street cloth in My Fair Lady or just as a general street scene. Size: 26ft by 15ft.


If you are staging JACK AND THE BEANSTALK  a fully animated  GIANT for hire.

Contact Bill Glennon on 01626 203570 or e-mail –   for more details