The Story of NEWTS

NEWTS is the name we have given to our junior section which has been in existence in its present form for 25 years.

The group is made up of approximately 50 youngsters between the ages of 7 and 16 years who are given the opportunity to sing and do movement at our rehearsal room, The Green Rooms, at the end of Fisher Road in Newton Abbot on Friday evenings during term times.

The group was started by Val Chapman and John Amery and is now run by Claire Holden with the assistance of other society members.

Over the years the NEWTS have put on many successful productions ranging from ‘Alice’ – based on Alice in Wonderland – through to ‘Bugsy Malone’ and a spectacular production of ‘The Boyfriend’. These musicals were originally performed in the Dyrons Creative Arts Centre but latterly the NEWTS have been able to use the full facilities of The Alexandra Theatre. NEWTS productions are entirely performed by the youngsters with the adult supervision of the production team.

NEWTS last major production was Bugsy Malone in May 2016. This very successful production had a cast of 40 youngsters between 7 and 16 years of age.

Famous Members!

jon-leeSeveral past NEWTS members have gone on to work in professional theatre including; Damelza Randll (Fingersmith, TV drama), Dylan Turner (Chicago touring production and the film version of Mama Mia, plus Rock of Ages at the Shaftesbury Theatre), Kevin Woolway (technical crew of Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre, and Jon Lee (Oliver, Les Miserables, and of course S Club Seven and recently starred as Frankie Valli in The Jersey Boys at the Prince Edward Theatre).

How To Join

We will be holding a joiners workshop during the summer holidays as we have vacancies in the group caused by members leaving. PLEASE SEE THE LETTER BELOW.

NEWTS pay a yearly subscription of £5 and weekly subs of £2.00. This enables them to be members of the society and means they are fully covered by our insurance when rehearsing or performing.


NEWTS have just finished a fabulous production of OLIVER!  at the Alexandra Theatre and will be meeting on Fridays to take part in drama workshops and singing until the summer holidays.

Newts now have a full quota of members so, sadly, we are not in a position to take any more this year.

Keep an eye out for information on next years workshop which will probably take place next September